Great Harwood Pallets

We are a firmly established family business that’s respected and has a reputation that is second to none for quality, delivery and value for money. Happy to answer any questions you have.

New & Used Pallets

If you want the best reconditioned pallets at the right price, then we are the pallet company that you have been looking for.

Why use reconditioned wooden pallets? Wooden pallets are fully recyclable; a breakage is easily repaired or replaced with a new piece. Reconditioned pallets are also a lot cheaper than buying new. Why Great Harwood Pallets? We repair all of our pallets to the highest quality, fast delivery and sensible prices.

We stock a full range of reconditioned pallets, ready to be dispatched to your business in express time. We offer a same day delivery service to all of our customers.

Whether they be scrap pallets, second hand pallets or unwanted pallets. You could turn your surplus pallets into money. Pick up service is free providing they are reusable.

Repair & Collection Service

This service does reduce the cost of purchasing new pallets. All reconditioned pallets purchased from Great Harwood Pallets are processed in this manner.

– We pay very competitive prices for unwanted pallets.

– Collected pallets are brought into our 300m2 workshop to be graded into size, shape and weight

– Badly damaged pallets are recycled in the reclamation area and the boards are de-nailed, stripped and graded ready for re-use

– Lightly damaged pallets are repaired using reclaimed wood or new wood as specified, then are graded and stored ready for dispatch

– By recycling pallets in this way, the working life of each pallet is extended, which is more environmentally friendly

– We offer good deals to customers who wish to buy their pallets from us and then receive a discount for the pallets that they return to us.

– Pallet waste removal. Licence number: CBDU466800

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